A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game made for the XKCD game jam, and my first game I've ever released online. It's based on this comic https://xkcd.com/789/.

You play as a tumbleweed in the old west. Your online methods of movement are rolling and using the recoil from your pistols to propell yourself. 

I'm not sure if the game will actually work on other people's computers, this is my first time uploading a game. So if it the first download doessn't work, I have uploaded the whole C# project here too if you want to try running the exe in the folder. The application is in TumbleWeed\bin\Windows\x86\Debug.

Side note: If you do download the source and feel like poking around, be warned. I have no idea what I'm doing so the code is ugly, inefficient, undocumented, and overall awful. Just felt like putting an explanation here.

I built the game using Monogame.

Install instructions

If the first download doesn't work, try the other one. It contains the source of the game and stuff, but it might work.


XKCD TumbleWeed Game.zip 4 MB
TumbleWeed.zip 2 MB